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Why is Water Coming in my Basement where the Wall Meets the Floor?

If you find water collecting in your basement along the edges of rooms, the water is likely coming in from outside. Look for an entry point. Typically, this will be a window and door with a faulty seal that has allowed water to come through during a storm or while irrigating your lawn. If there are no windows or doors nearby, it is possible that you have a foundation leak. Look for cracks and feel around or other areas that are damp. If your home isn’t outfitted with downspouts or weeping tiles to direct water away from the foundation it can sit against it, just waiting for the opportunity to seep in.

It is also possible that where you’re seeing the water isn’t where the water is actually originating. Look elsewhere in your basement to figure out if it’s just running along the edge of the wall from another source. You may find that the water is actually coming from a leaking hot water heater or overflowing sump pump elsewhere in your basement. Regardless of what has broken, causing water on the floor in your basement, a plumber can do the repair work needed to stop more water from collecting.

Regardless of how water came into your basement, you will want to get it cleaned up right away to avoid mold growth. Call a water restoration company to get the water removed and the area dried up to protect your family today! 

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