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Why is there a Bubble on My Ceiling?

If you find a bubble on your ceiling, don’t pop it! It means there’s water collecting behind it and the materials are bulging to accommodate the pressure. Instead, move everything away from it so that when it does give way, you don’t end up with damaged furniture, electronics, valuables, and home goods. Then, call a water damage company to get someone out and take a look at the problem immediately. They will likely bring in a plumber to help find the source of the water (unless you know that the cause is a leaking roof or overflowing toilet or something else obvious) and get it fixed so that they can start their repair work. After the bubble is drained, they will start pulling down home materials like ceiling drywall and insulation to get your home back in order. Your home restoration company will handle all the clean up and repairs to ensure your ceiling is safe, functional, and looks great!