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Why does Water Leak into my Basement after Heavy Rain?

When heavy rains bring water into your basement, there can be several causes. The most common cause is, unfortunately, not great news for many homeowners. When the lot that a home is on is improperly sloped, water can run towards a house instead of away from it. This is why lot grading is so important before new home construction can begin. When bodies of water or wetlands are located nearby, the problem can be exacerbated by the natural topography of the land, encouraging water to go towards a home or be held up against a home’s foundation. The soil make up can also be to blame in some areas of the country where ground composite holds moisture more easily, creating a higher water content soil that is more likely to encourage home flooding than drier soil types.

For basements where there is a higher likelihood of water entering the home, a sump pump should always be installed and kept in good working order. That way, when water enters the sump pump pit, it can be pumped out without allowing it to accumulate and cause water damage in your home.

If a natural cause is not to blame for the water leak, blocked weeping tile or pipes may be the culprit.  When weeping tile cannot drain properly, it can force water into your home instead of draining it away from your home like it should. Water flow restriction from blocked pipes can result in the same damaging effects. When these pipes are sewer pipes, they can create an especially troublesome issue because sewage can backup into your home.

Cracked foundations can also allow water to come up through your flooring, causing significant home water damage. Unfortunately, foundation work is neither cheap nor convenient. If you suspect that your foundation may be cracked, call in a professional to assess the damage and make a game plan for how to solve the problem.

So, regardless of what you think the cause may be, it’s worth it to bring in a licensed plumber to figure out what’s going on and get it fixed quickly. The last thing you want to deal with is recurring flooding in your home any time there’s heavy rain. Water damage costs can add up quickly, especially if mold begins to grow, necessitating home mold removal.

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