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Why Does My Basement Flood Every Time It Rains?

Depending on the water table where your home is built, ground water may be closer to the surface, making your yard and home more likely to experience flooding when there’s heavy or consistent rain. Higher moisture content soil or soil that holds water near the surface can become oversaturated when rain falls, pushing water against nearby structures, and allowing it to work its way through your foundation. This is especially true if your foundation is older because cracks can let moisture in in a way that a new foundation would prevent against.

The sloping of your yard may also be to blame. A lawn that slopes towards your home will allow water runoff to come towards your home and pool alongside the foundation. This is especially common where the terrain surrounding a home is hilly because water can converge from multiple sources and run towards the house, aggregating as it goes. The result can be repeated basement flooding.

If your home is prone to basement flooding, we would recommend getting a sump pump to remove the water before it can pool and cause issues. This is a much cheaper solution than re-sloping your home landscape or installing weeping tile. A sump pump can remove the water coming into your basement before it causes costly home water damage and mold growth.

If you already have a sump pump but your basement keeps flooding, that is another issue entirely. That indicates that the sump pump is either broken or undersized for your needs. A plumber can investigate that issue for you to determine the best course of action.

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