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Who Should l Call when my Basement is Flooding?

If water is pouring out of a broken pipe into your basement, get the water turned off immediately and call an emergency plumber to get the break fixed. Afterwards, you can get a water restoration company to come out and assess the damage. They will be able to get the water pumped out, dried up using industrial blowers, and any damaged materials replaced. Often times furniture and carpeting will need to be removed to thoroughly dry the space out. Depending on the extent of the damage, drywall and hardwood may also need to be removed and replaced with new dry materials.

If your basement has flooded in the spring or during heavy rains due to a sump pump failure, water coming through cracks in your foundation, or bubbling up through your concrete floor, you may need to have other repair work done as well to ensure that flooding does not occur again in the future. A water restoration company may be able to help identify the cause and recommend the right kind of home repair professionals to fix the issue. Regardless of the cause though, they will get the water cleaned up in no time so you can go back to living safely in your home.

When your basement has flooded, don’t wait! Call local water restoration professionals to come out and get it dried up to avoid mold and mildew growth. Both can start growing quickly after water has entered your home – spreading and making your family sick. The last thing you want to do is try to avoid spending money on water restoration only to turn around and need to pay a hefty bill for mold remediation instead. 

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