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Who Should I Call for a Water Leak in My Ceiling?

An upper floor with a ceiling water leak can signal a leaking roof, while a main floor or basement ceiling water leak typically indicates a broken pipe or flooding situation (from an overflowing toilet or malfunctioning appliance). If you know what caused the leak in your ceiling, you can likely get the water turned off and fix the problem. If the cause isn’t obvious, you may need to have a plumber come out to stop the water from leaking and fix the issue.

Once the water has stopped, you will need to start focusing on getting the leak cleaned up as quickly as possible. The faster you can get the water removed and the area dried up, the less likely you are to end up with mold growth. Remember, water is tricky, it can wreak havoc in areas that seem like they shouldn’t be affected by running along baseboards or down drywall or underneath flooring. So, if you see signs of a water leak on your ceiling, you will need to bring out a water restoration expert to determine the extent of the damage and get it cleaned up effectively.

home restoration company will get the water dried up and replace any materials that are too badly damaged to save. Depending on your home’s materials, you may need to replace your ceiling, or at least a portion of it, if it has water damage. Expect that you may also have drywall and flooring to replace as well, but a water restoration professional can best advise on your specific circumstances.

When you have water leaking in your ceiling, find a local water restoration company to come out immediately and start the clean up process before mold has a chance to grow!

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