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Who Do you Call When There is Water Leaking into the Basement?

This is a question we get a lot, but the answer isn’t straight forward because it depends on where the leaking water is coming from.

If you have a plumbing issue causing the leak, a plumber is the best person to call first. The plumber will fix the plumbing issue or replace whatever plumbing component has failed. Afterwards, a plumber can recommend a water restoration company, or you can reach out to a local home restoration business yourself. Plumbing issues can include a cracked pipe, leaking hot water tank, broken sump pump, or leaking toilet, among others.

If the water is entering your basement due to common home failures like a faulty foundation seal, improper landscaping slope, malfunctioning drainage, or other more widespread cause, a plumber isn’t necessary. Instead, call a home restoration company to get the water removed and dried up as quickly as possible. Once your home has been restored to its original state, you can begin to address the underlying issue that caused the basement flooding. If you’re dealing with reoccurring basement flooding, you likely have a non-plumbing related issue. When in doubt, call an emergency water restoration company to speak with someone who can advise you about how to handle the water coming into your basement. A water restoration expert can help you determine who you need to address your home flood issue.

Regardless of what caused the flood, getting it cleaned up immediately is of the utmost importance. When water is entering your basement, your first concern should be to stop the water. But after that, you need to get it remove it and try to salvage anything that was damaged. While affected drywall and baseboards will likely need to be replaced, other items like carpet, furniture, and valuables may be saved.

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