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Who Can Pump Water Out of a Basement?

While some homeowners may try to dry up water from a burst pipe or other disaster on their own, it’s always a better idea to call a professional. But what kind of professional should you call? A plumber? A water restoration company? A handy man? A contractor? An HVAC service company? People get confused about who should handle water issues because a leak or flood can touch so many different things in your home.

When the water is due to a plumbing issue, a plumber should always be your first choice. A local emergency plumber can diagnose the plumbing failure and get it fixed immediately to keep more water from entering your home. A licensed plumber can also determine if any other plumbing damage was done due to the failure and fix that while onsite. Plumbers are typically well connected with other types of service companies, which allows them to recommend another provider, when needed. For instance, if a pipe freezes and bursts, causing your basement to flood, the plumber can repair the pipe break and then recommend a restoration company to dry out the basement and replace damaged drywall and flooring.    

However, if the water is the result of an outside force (like area flooding) or an accident, a water cleanup company will be your best bet. Restoration companies will arrive on the scene quickly and get the water removed as fast as possible to prevent mold and bacteria from growing in your home.

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