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Which Disinfectants Should You Use after a Flooded Basement?

Bleach based cleaners are great to use after a flood because will kill bacteria on surfaces, but bleach may not be suitable for every type of home surface. In these cases, a concentrated soap or disinfectant may be the next best solution. Many water restoration companies will use bleach-based cleaners as well as other common household disinfectants, but some may have their own proprietary cleaning solutions as well. Whether they’re using the same types of cleaners that you can get or ones that you do not have access to, they are experts at knowing which types of cleaners to use on which surfaces in which instances.

If you’re basement has flooded, call a local water restoration company to come out and clean up for you. They’ll also replace items that are damaged like wood flooring, tiling, carpeting, baseboards, drywall, ceiling, cabinets, and shelving.

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