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What to do When you have Water Damage from a Condo Above

When you have water damage from an upstairs condo the first thing you need to do is to stop the water. Whether it is a small amount of water or a lot of water, notify your upstairs neighbor in case they don’t know there’s a problem. If it’s an issue like a toilet overflowing, they will likely be able to turn off the water to stop the leak right away. However, if it’s a pipe break or other major issue, they may have to wait on an emergency plumber to fix the issue. If they can’t get the water leak to stop, building maintenance may have to get involved. Once the immediate issue has been addressed, the cleanup can begin. Clean up any water that you can easily remove using basic tools like towels. But understand that that is not all that needs to happen to prevent mold and mildew growth. Then call your homeowner’s insurance company to start a water damage claim and find out if they require you to use one of their providers for the home restoration. Follow their guidance on what kinds of evidence of the damage to provide and documents to complete to get the claim filed. They may require photos of the damage, an incident report, a copy of your HOA agreement, or other forms. Then, have a water restoration company start the more thorough process of removing the water you can’t see and fixing any water damage to get your condo back to normal. They will remove materials that have been damaged irreparably (like drywall and baseboards) and dry out anything that can be salvaged (like carpeting) before repairing damage.

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