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What is the Cost to Repair Water Damage in a Ceiling?

When your ceiling has water damage the cost to repair it will depend on whether it needs to be entirely replaced or whether only a section needs to be replaced. A drywall ceiling patch job is going to be much cheaper than a whole ceiling replacement not just because of the difference in materials costs, but because of the difference in labor costs. Depending on the company, this type of labor can run anywhere from $70-125/hr, which is what accounts for most of the difference in cost between a drywall ceiling patch versus a drywall ceiling replacement after water damage has occurred. Keep in mind that the damage may look small from below but may be more significant than you thought once the obviously damaged section is removed. A water restoration company can let you know what kind of damage you’re dealing with once they get in and begin removing the damaged materials. If they find additional damage, it’s always better to get it fixed all at once because you’ll minimize your overall repair costs by doing all the work at once, as well as stave off the possibility of mold growth after the water damage has occurred.

While the cost of a drywall ceiling replacement can range from about $400-2,000 depending on the size of the room. When additional services are needed because of the water damage, such as drywall replacement, baseboard removal, or mold removal that can increase the overall cost of the water restoration project.

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