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What is Fire and Water Restoration?

Fire and water restoration is a process by which a home or business is cleaned up and repaired after a disaster or major event like a burst pipe. When a homeowner or businessowner experiences a fire or water damage there are many steps involved in getting it effectively cleaned up to avoid future mold growth (which can be dangerous to your health and further compromise your home or business) and fix the damage. The steps involved in water and fire restoration will depend on what kind of disaster has occurred. A flooded basement or a leaking roof will require one type of cleanup, while an electrical or grease fire will require another (although both have similar steps because fire damage often involves water damage as a result of the water-related efforts to put out the fire).

In general, fire and water restoration involve removing destroyed furniture and belongings, pumping out any lingering water, drying up the affected area using commercial-grade fans, removing any soot or mold growth that has already begun, and repairing the disaster-affected area. The goal is to restore the property to its pre-damage state (both in function and in looks) and eliminate the possibility of any subsequent health issues moving forward related to mold or smoke inhalation.

You can try to clean up the damage yourself, but it typically makes more sense to call a professional water and fire restoration company to do the work for you. They’ll have the tools and personnel to get the job done more effectively and much faster than if you tried to do it yourself. This is important if you’re filing an insurance claim related to the damage that resulted. It is also safer to utilize a home damage restoration company because their personnel will have the right protective equipment and training to do the job safely.

If you need a fire and water damage restoration company in the greater Chicago area, give us a call at 1 (800) 501-3046 today! Our team will be onsite quickly and get your home or business back to normal as fast as possible so you can put the whole thing behind you!

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