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What does it cost to restore my flooded basement?

When your basement floods, the first thing that will go through your mind is the question - “How much is this going to cost me?” A professional water restoration company will quote you a price for your basement water pump out and dry up based on these different factors:


Size of the Basement


Bigger basements require longer to pump out, more fans to dry them and more man-hours to move and operate all of these things. After the area is dry, any water repair work that needs to be done will also take longer for bigger areas.

Drying out a flooded basement can cost upwards of $10,000 depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the basement. Some homeowners try to remove the water from their basements using shop vacuums and other home equipment, but this is not an efficient way to remove water from a basement and it will do a far less effective job overall than calling in a certified water repair company. The deeper the water is the more it makes sense to leave the job to the water damage experts.


Water Type Categories


Water damage is classified as either Category 1, Category 2 or Category 3 depending on the nature of the water involved.

Category 1 - clean potable water from a faucet or water supply (i.e. a pipe bringing water into a home). Cleanup and repair simply deals with restoring proper functionality and drying the area out.

Category 2 - gray wastewater (water with minimal contaminants from a dishwasher, washing machine or roof). Water cleanup and repair deals with removing the slightly dirty water and cleaning up any dirtiness that may be left behind.

Category 3 - black water (water that contains sewage, chemicals or toxic debris). This is the most dangerous kind of water and cleanup should only be handled by professional water cleanup crews to avoid health risks. Cleanup has to follow mandated safety precautions and will deal with safely removing the water and removing any trace of it from the home to minimize future health and safety complications. In some cases, damaged materials must be disposed of in accordance with local or national laws.

Remember, any type of water can lead to mold growth if not properly cleaned up. 

Additional Costs


After a basement flood, there may be additional costs that are incurred depending on how the flood water got in, how high the water rose and how long the water was allowed to sit before a water pump out. These types of issues include damage to furnace, HVAC equipment, electrical components or your home circuit breaker.

Remember that if you choose to clean up a basement flood without the help of a professional water restoration company, there is the potential for home mold growth later on anywhere where water was not dried out and ventilated properly. Mold growth can happen under carpets or furniture, in walls, behind baseboards, in ceilings and under stairs.




Most homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage and water damage coverage from a leaking pipe is often contingent on proving that the damage was noticed and reported immediately and was not as a result of improper maintenance. As a result of these insurance restrictions, it is likely that without specific flood damage insurance, you will end up paying for a flooded basement out of your own pocket.


For reputable and affordable water repair, call USA Water and Fire Restoration today at 1-800-501-3046.

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