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What Does it Cost to Repair Drywall Ceiling Water Damage?

When your drywall gets wet after a water event like a burst pipe, plumbing leak, or basement flood, your drywall will need to be replaced. Unlike carpet, which can often be dried out, drywall acts like a sponge, absorbing and holding onto water. When drywall has water damage, a water restoration company will remove it and install new drywall in the affected area. The cost of this will obviously depend on how big the space is (and subsequently, how much drywall needs to be replaced). Therefore, most water damage restoration businesses will provide a quote based on the square footage.

Generally speaking, it costs about $50-65 per square foot of drywall for restoration services between the labor and materials. While the materials themselves are fairly inexpensive, there is a significant amount of labor that goes into removing wet drywall, drying up the space, preparing and protecting the area for the work that will be done, and then properly installing new drywall in a home or business. This cost is separate from the cost of fixing whatever caused the water damage in the first place, and restoring other things like a ceiling, flooring materials, and baseboards.

Ceiling costs are typically higher, ranging from $50-100 per square foot depending on the material. Drywall and sheetrock restoration will be similarly priced, with plaster and popcorn ceilings costing more due to their more labor intensive repair processes. Drop tile ceiling restoration will be priced based on the size and type of the tile, with two-foot tiles ranging in price widely based on style.

Keep in mind, these costs assume that your home foundation is still solid. If water has caused damage to your home foundation, the costs can increase dramatically as the associated repairs that accompany foundation issues are figured into the equation.

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