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What do Water Restoration Companies Do?

Water restoration companies undertake all the essential activities after water has entered your home. They have the tools and expertise to do a water pump out, dry up water in your home, remove or repair home materials with water damage, and reinstall new home materials to get your home back to normal. While water damage can occur anywhere in your home, basement flooding is one of the most common scenarios that home restoration experts deal with every day.

Homeowners are not the only types of clients that restoration businesses service. Water restoration companies also offer services for business owners. Commercial water restoration activities are similar to residential activities, but they are across a wider scale. Typically, commercial water restoration includes more equipment to remove water from a larger area and prioritize business assets like in-office technology or warehouse inventory,

After water damage has occurred, a local water restoration company can typically offer mold removal services to homeowners and businesses as well. Mold remediation companies will investigate the growth and spread of mold growth to determine how best to handle mold in your home or business. They will clean affected areas to remove mold so that it can’t keep growing and spreading through your space. If the mold can’t be cleaned off, the materials will be removed and replaced.

Many restoration companies handle fire damage as well as water damage. Fire restoration companies can remove lingering smoke odors and replace home materials that were affected by a fire. Even minor home fires, like kitchen flare ups, can cause significant smoke damage, requiring a local fire restoration company.

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