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What are Signs of Water Damage on a Ceiling?

water damaged ceiling will typically have visible signs such as discoloration, sagging, bubbling, or warping.

Discoloration is typically indicative of slow water damage over time like from a slowly leaking pipe or moisture being trapped inside the space. This usually looks like a darkening of the ceiling color – causing a white ceiling to look more cream colored or beige. Discoloration can also occur in the case of hard water or water with a heavy iron content coming in contact with ceiling drywall or tiles. Typically, this kind of discoloration will be a much more dramatic brown, orange, or rusty red color. Regardless of the shade though, you should always bring in a professional from a local water restoration company to take a look when the color of your ceiling starts changing. Ignoring a water problem can lead to much bigger issues, like mold and mildew growth.

Sagging usually occurs with rapid water damage, like a leaking roof during heavy storming or burst pipe above. A sagging ceiling is very dangerous because it indicates that there is a large amount of water behind it. Ceiling materials are not meant to act as a water barrier, so when they finally give way, the ceiling will break open and can damage people and belongings below.

Bubbling or warping can occur with either slow or rapid water damage and may vary in appearance depending on the type of materials in your home. For instance, some paints may resist bubbling better than others, and textured ceilings may conceal bubbling better than smooth ceilings. However, any bubbling or warping indicates that their either water is present, or water was present. Neither is good for the health of your family. If you suspect that you have ceiling damage, it’s worth having a professional restoration company determine what may be causing it to prevent more substantial damage from occurring. They have the tools needed to detect moisture and dry out a space after water damage has occurred so it can be properly restored.

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