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Water Restoration Tips

Immediately after a flood or other water damage has occurred, the water restoration process begins. The sooner cleanup can occur, the better the outcome for the homeowner. However, speed isn’t the only factor to consider. Proper water restoration technique is also essential for preserving valuables and home materials. Use these tips to restore your home after a water event:

  • Take pictures of the home water damage for insurance purposes and keep a list of everything that was affected
  • Remove water from the area using a mop or shop vacuum to remove small amounts or call in a professional water removal company to remove widespread or deep water
  • Circulate warm air throughout the house (in the winter) or increase air conditioning and run a humidifier (in the summer) to help dry out the affected area
  • Focus on valuables first – prioritize art, antiques, and other high-value belongings
  • Remove upholstered items that are wet, but be careful because large furniture will be especially heavy when they are waterlogged
  • Prop up furniture and other big pieces that cannot be moved to keep them out of the water
  • Take rugs off carpeted surfaces to avoid color bleeding into the carpet while wet
  • Wipe down wooden and leather surfaces thoroughly to avoid water marks or stains
  • Throw out any wet books, magazines, and papers before they disintegrate entirely, making cleanup efforts even harder (if any of these are valuable, they can be sealed in bags and frozen until time is available to focus on cleaning them up and restoring them later)
  • Open closet doors and furniture drawers to aid in drying closed off areas
  • After water is removed, find a water removal company that uses professional grade blowers to dry up the remaining water to avoid mold growth

After water damage, a restoration company may need to remove flooring, dry wall, and insulation to prevent future mold growthMold and bacteria can begin growing in as little as two hours, which is why it is important to address damage immediately.

Important warnings!

  • Turn off power to your home before entering flooded areas
  • Never enter water that may carry an electrical current (call 911 if you see any submerged wires or cords)
  • Call 911 if you smell gas, as gas lines can be affected by water damage
  • Never enter water that contains waste (like in the case of a sewer backup) or other hazardous materials
  • Snakes and other wildlife can enter a home with flood waters – never enter water that appears to have anything living in it
  • Stay out of rooms with sagging ceilings or sagging floors
  • Do not use appliances in rooms with water damage 

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