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Water Mitigation Services Explained

After water enters your home from a flood, plumbing leak, storm, or fire, the goal is to mitigate the effects of the water. A home restoration company is basically one part water pump out, one part cleaning company, one part general contractor. Find out more:

water restoration company will pump out any standing water and remove dampness before beginning the clean up process. While the techniques used will depend on the extent of the water penetration and its root cause, a water company has the tools and skills needed to get the water out of your home much faster than if you tried to do it yourself. A water removal company will get the job done right the first time – mitigating the likelihood of mold growth later on. When cleaning is required, like to remove smoke odor and soot or sanitize the area after a sewer backup, a home restoration company will use the right cleaning products to get you home cleaned up as part of the water dry out process.

They will bring in pumps to get water off of floors and industrial fans to dry up walls, flooring, furniture, and other home materials. Some materials (like drywall, carpet pads, or wood floorboards) may need to be torn out and discarded if they are too badly damaged. The remaining items will be dried thoroughly one by one to get them back to their pre-water condition. Some items like documents, photographs, artwork, leather furniture, and other delicate items may need specialized treatment to remove water stains while keeping them intact.

Once water has been removed, the dried area will be reconstructed, as needed. This may mean installing new drywall, flooring, baseboards, paneling, trim, or other items. A top-rated water restoration company will mitigate the damage by getting water out and getting your home back to normal.

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