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Signs of Water Damage in a Basement

Homeowners trying to find out whether they have water in their basements may wonder what the warning signs of water damage are and what they can do to fix the harm that has resulted. Every day water restoration companies help homeowners who are dealing with water damage, and basements are the most common location in homes for water issues.

The most obvious sign of home water damage is, well, water. Wet or damp surfaces hint at a bigger problem, especially if the water is along baseboards, underneath carpets, or on ceilings. This can indicate that an issue has occurred somewhere in your home allowing water to enter your basement. Damp feeling air or a musty smell can also indicate that the humidity in your basement is up due to water being present where it shouldn’t be. While some basements are naturally damper than others, water damage will typically cause the effects of moisture to be concentrated in a specific area.

Other signs of water damage include spongy walls, ceilings, or baseboards. When water gets in behind building materials, it can cause them to swell and warp, resulting in softness to the touch as well as rippled or bubbled paint or wallpaper. Rusted metal fixtures can also indicate long-standing water damage that has not been addressed.

Lastly, mold growth is a strong indicator of water damage. When a pipe leak, sump pump backup, or seasonal flood occurs, water must be dried out and cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid mold growth. Otherwise, mold spores, which are naturally present in homes are provided with the right conditions to grow and spread in no time at all. Because mold is extremely dangerous for children and adults to be exposed to long-term, especially those with respiratory conditions. If you find mold in your basement, call a local mold remediation company immediately to diagnose the severity of the mold issue and remove mold from your home.

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