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Is Paint Bubbling on my Ceiling a Sign of Water Damage?

Yes, bubbling paint is the surest sign of home water damage. If you notice your paint or wallpaper bubbling or peeling anywhere in your home, call a water restoration company immediately. Often bubbling paint occurs quickly after a water leak, appearing seemingly “out of nowhere” on ceilings and walls. The reason paint bubbles when there is water damage is because dry wall acts like a sponge sucking up and retaining moisture and water behind the paint. Once water makes it into drywall, it cannot dry itself out, so it holds onto the water, forcing it up against whatever is covering the wall, whether that is paint or wallpaper. The result is a wall covering that ripples, bubbles, or bulges, leaving a distinct damage pattern. If the damage is someplace you can get to, like on a wall or along a baseboard, it will likely feel damp to the touch, and give off a wet musty or moldy smell. If the water damage is out of your reach, like on a ceiling, you may not notice these additional signs of home water damage. However, it does not make the damage any less serious. Call a water restoration expert right away before the damage gets any worse. A local water removal company will find the source of the water and dry everything up so you can get back to your normal life. Remember, ignoring water damage is very dangerous because mold and bacteria growth can occur very quickly after water has made its way into porous materials like drywall, carpet, and furniture. Do not ignore bubbling paint, discoloration, peeling wallpaper, or a spongy feel on your ceiling or walls.

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