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Is a Water Damaged Home Toxic?

After a flood, burst pipe, or water leak, your home is left vulnerable. Mold and bacteria can grow quickly if water is not removed and cleaned up properly. The result is an incredibly toxic environment for people and pets. It often surprises homeowners to find out that mold growth can begin the very next day after water damage occurs, which is why it’s so important to address water damage immediately. It also doesn’t take much water to allow toxic mold to grow. Water leaks from lower volume sources like a dripping hot water heater, leaking water softener unit, or loose plumbing connection can still kick off mold growth that will spread through your home.

If you have had home water damage, use a local restoration company to ensure that it’s cleaned up effectively to avoid future issues. Home restoration specialists can pump out standing water and will bring in industrial dryers to remove any remaining moisture. Drywall, baseboards, carpet, wood flooring, and anything else that may be holding onto water will be removed and replaced to restore your home to the way it was before water damage occurred.

The biggest problem that homeowners face when they try to clean up water themselves is that they don’t have the right tools and manpower to get the water removed quickly enough. The result is lingering water that quickly becomes toxic.

If you have moved into a home and suspect that water damage may have previously occurred (or if you have ignored water damage yourself), it’s not too late. While mold remediation costs will be higher the longer you wait, there’s always a way to uncover and remove mold growth from your home. Mold remediation experts have the specialized equipment needed to seal off affected areas and clean surfaces and home materials to effectively remove mold. Mold removal companies can even remove dangerous black mold from your basement or other areas.

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