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How To Repair a Ceiling from Water Damage

Is your ceiling discolored, bubbling, sagging, soft, or spongy? If so, you almost certainly have water damage. Leaking roofs, pipes, toilets, appliances, or other items on the other side of the ceiling can be to blame. So, what’s a homeowner to do with a water damaged ceiling

If you discover water damage on your ceiling, call a local water restoration company right away to get the damage fixed. A home restoration company will ensure that the source of the water has been fixed and then remove any damaged materials as part of the clean up process. They’ll then dry out the space to remove any trace of water. This will include not only the ceiling, but anywhere else where water is discovered (walls, baseboards, the flooring above it, furniture, etc.).

While it might sound like a good idea to try to dry out your ceiling and just paint over the damage or cut out the affected area and try to patch over it, this is just a band aid on the problem. Water damage that’s bad enough that you’re noticing it indicates that the problem is likely too big for you to try to fix on your own. Instead, call a nearby water restoration company to assess the damage and get it cleaned up. A home restoration company will come out and assess the damage to determine if there is water anywhere where you can’t see and get the affected areas fixed right the first time. Their goal is to prevent mold growth by taking care of it correctly the first time, so you don’t end up having to pay for mold remediation services later.

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