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How much does flood damage and water restoration cost?

If your home has suffered water damage and is in need of a water pump out and/or water restoration, you may be wondering what kind of a cost you will incur for professional water cleanup services. The cost of the water restoration project will depend on three factors:


The Dimensions of the Area Affected by Water Damage


Obviously, larger areas will be more expensive to clean up and repair because more materials are needed. Usually when homeowners think about the size of the affected area, they just consider the dimensions of the basement or room with water damage and forget to take the depth of the water into account. Deeper water will cost more to cleanup because it takes longer to dry and it can wreak more havoc in the walls and elsewhere in the home. Additionally, deeper flood water is more likely to result in structural damage to a home, which is a very costly thing to fix.

A flood simulator tool provided by the National Flood Insurance Program predicts the water repair cost of a home based on the water depth. According to the simulator, the estimated cost of repair is approximately $8,000 for 1-4 inches of water, $19,000 for 9-12 inches of water and $26,000 for 18 inches of water. These typical flood levels correspond to the most common home water incidents that lead to the need for water restoration services.


The Extent of the Water Damage


The cause of the home water damage determines the scope of the cleanup effort, which is to say that cleanup for something like a burst pipe will be less expensive to repair than a natural disaster like a flood. If you have a leaking pipe or overflowing washing machine, that type of residential water damage tends to be more localized and affect things like flooring materials, baseboards and drywall. However, a flood spreads the water damage in a home out over a larger area and may cause other damage like broken windows, collapsed stairs, personal property damage, etc. The more items that have to be restored, the higher the cost of the water repair project.

According to CostHelper Home & Garden, drying out a flooded basement can cost $500-$10,000 depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the basement. This doesn't even cover the cost associated with water repair and restoration. These high costs are why some homeowners try to do water disaster cleanup on their own. However, you should be aware that if you try to do your own water restoration without the proper professional tools and know-how, you can end up costing yourself a lot more in the long run because improperly drying an area can end up resulting in you having to pay for mold remediation down the road. (Learn more about mold growth in your home.)


The Type of Water that Needs to be Cleaned Up


Water damage is classified as either Category 1, Category 2 or Category 3 depending on the nature of the water involved.

Category 1 is clean potable water, which means that the water cleanup and repair simply deals with restoring proper functionality of the faucet or supply pipe that caused the issue and drying the area out.

Category 2 is gray wastewater with minimal contaminants – like in the case of a dishwasher leak, washing machine overflow or roof leak. In this case, the water may be slightly dirty, but it is not considered harmful so the repair deals with removing water from a home and cleaning up any minor remnants that may be left behind.

Category 3 is black water, which may contain sewage (like in the case of a septic system failure) or toxic debris components like oil or gas. A category 3 cleanup is most commonly related to flood water after a major storm, significant ice melt or hurricane. This is the most expensive repair category because the home flood cleanup has to follow certain safety procedures to ensure that the water restoration professionals will not be harmed and the cleanup is done in a manner that makes the home safe again for the homeowners.


Keep in mind that home insurance can be quite restrictive when it comes to covering water leak damage and often does not cover a homeowner in the case of a flood at all. This is why having flood water insurance is so important if you are in a moderate or high risk flood area.

For more information on water repair steps call USA Water and Fire Restoration at 1-800-501-3046 today!

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