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How Much does Flood Cleanup Cost?

The cost of cleaning up a flooded area of your home will depend on several factors: what caused the flood, how many rooms are affected, the types of materials being used in the affected areas, and how quickly you get it cleaned up. Across the US, the cost of flood damage typically ranges from $1,500-11,500. While the national average may be around $3,000 to clean up small home flood damage and $6,500 to clean up a flooded basement, prices can vary locally as well.

Flood damage from a sewer backup can result in hazardous water entering your home, which is more costly to clean up than clean water. In this case, the type of water that has flooded your home can drive up the cost of water restoration. However, the quantity of water can also affect the cleanup cost. Something like a burst pipe can allow far more water to enter your home than, say, a leaking washing machine. The price that a water restoration company quotes you will reflect these elements.

Also, the larger the affected area is, the more expensive it will be to clean up because bigger areas require more labor pump out, dry, and restore. Obviously, when your entire basement floods, that will be a more costly job than a single bathroom. The types of materials being used in these rooms will also be reflected in the price. For example, restoring hardwood or tile floor is more expensive than laminate or vinyl flooring.

Lastly, how quickly you get the flooding cleaned up will also affect the price of the overall project. When flood water isn’t cleaned up quickly, the damage can go beyond just simple water clean up to include mold remediation as well. As a homeowner, it may be shocking to hear that in the case of flooding, even a few hours can make a huge difference in terms of what kind of clean up is needed. When water enters your home, it provides the perfect environment for mold spores to grow and spread quickly. Mold and bacteria after a flood can seriously affect your family’s health if they’re left unchecked. So, if you smell a musty odor, find spongy wall or flooring material, or see water stains, call a professional restoration company immediately to have them come out and investigate the problem. They may find an ongoing leak that you didn’t know you had or evidence of former water damage that was never properly cleaned up by the previous owners of your home.

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