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How much damage does a flood cause?

A flood can cause really extensive financial and emotional damage. Homeowners that are the victims of a flood know that there is nothing scarier than having water filling your home and not knowing what will be left when the water stops rising and they are allowed back in. Most people assume that the cost of home flood damage is just contingent upon how severe the flood was and how many belongings were in the home at the time of the flood. The truth, however, is that the true cost of flood damage in a home can be much more difficult to calculate and, often, much higher than anticipated. 

The True Cost of Flood Damage

Water can cause flood damage to flooring, walls, furniture, valuables and even the structural integrity of your home. Generally, the cost of flood damage restoration will be higher in the following circumstances:

  • Finished basements with flooring and drywall, which will need to be removed after a flood to prevent mold growth
  • Flood damage that's allowed to sit because isn't discovered right away (like in the case of an unoccupied home or vacation home)
  • Severe home flood damage where deep water rises in basements, compromising the structural integrity of a home
  • Flood waters that ruin or carry away valuables
  • Fast moving flood waters that cause broken windows and cracked foundations
  • Major home appliances damaged by water (HVAC units, water heaters, water softener systems, washers and dryers, etc.)

These varying factors will all play a part in how much damage a flood does to your home. Obviously, after a flood you will want to file a flood insurance claim to get as much assistance as possible with the damages. However, you will also want to call in flood restoration experts to help get everything cleaned up and dried out so that you can avoid costly mold remediation later on down the road.

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Repairing Flood Damage

After a flood, your home will be filled with potentially dangerous water and debris. During this time it's very dangerous to enter the flooded area because the water may be filled with waste, harmful chemicals and even electrically charged. A water restoration expert will safely pump out the water and bring is large fans to dry the whole area. At this time it may be necessary to remove ruined furniture, rugs, carpets, dry wall and appliances as part of the cleanup process. Once all of the moisture has been removed from the area, the actual home water restoration can begin. The restoration pros will use the right materials for your home to create the same look and feel as before. These steps are all critical in ensuring that mold growth doesn't occur, which is why it's best to leave the cleanup and rebuilding to flood restoration professionals.

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