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Does Drywall Need to be Replaced After Water Damage?

Water and drywall are NOT friends. Drywall is an extremely porous material that tends to hold onto water really well and cannot be fixed once water has penetrated it. So, while you could probably spray drywall with a hose and immediately wipe it off without doing any damage, home water issues almost always cause drywall damage as well.

If the water damage was due to dirty or contaminated water (like a sewer line break) the affected drywall will need to be replaced immediately to keep occupants safe. Once contaminants get into drywall via water, the water may dry eventually with extensive work, but the health hazards will remain as those contaminants get stuck inside and can lead to bacteria growth.

Unfortunately, drywall basically provides the perfect growing conditions for mold, so once water damage occurs, the potential for mold growth is extremely high. As a result, water restoration professionals will recommend that you replace drywall if there’s any noticeable water damage. Noticeable water damage includes warping, bulging, sagging, bubbling, or collapse. If drywall feels spongy or damp to the touch, it’s definitely holding water inside. Stained drywall my be structurally intact, but even this “minor damage” is irreparable and indicates that water has penetrated the panel and replacement may be necessary.

If you notice drywall damage of any kind, give an emergency restoration company a call right away so you can find the source of the problem and get it cleaned up and fixed before home mold growth occurs.

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