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Clean Up Tips after a Leak in Ceiling

Most homeowners discover a leak in the ceiling by noticing discoloration or bubbling or smell a moldy damp smell. They may believe that once the leak is resolved they simply need to paint over the affected area. However, this can cause more harm than good by trapping water in and causing mold growth later on. If ceiling drywall is wet, it can become a breading ground for mold growth because it will hold onto that moisture like a sponge. The same can be true for anywhere where the water from a ceiling leak ends up – down walls, along flooring, or on furniture below.

So, after a leak in the ceiling, first concentrate on cleaning up anywhere where there are obvious signs of mold growth (slippery slimy texture, green/black discoloration, or wet smalls). Tear out anything that is a total loss, use an appropriate cleaning solution to remove mold on salvageable areas, then use air movement to dry out the area, and finally replace any ceiling material that needed to be pulled out. In many cases soap and water is an appropriate cleaning solution, but some instances a bleach or vinegar solution may be a better fit for your cleanup efforts.

Remember to look around thoroughly as well! When leaks occur, water can get much further from the source of the leak than you may think. Ensure that your clean up efforts cover not only the original leak, but also the surrounding area. If you need to repaint, consider using mold resistant paint to thwart future mold growth potential.

home water damage company is best suited to clean up a ceiling water leak because they have the tools, equipment, and people needed to minimize the home damage. Call a local home remediation company to do the work for you and get your home back in good order. 

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