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Can Just a Fan Dry Out my Water Damaged Basement?

professional water restoration company uses large industrial sized fans to dry out commercial and residential spaces after water damage has occurred because they are the most effective tools for the job. But what should you do if you have water in your basement, bathroom, laundry room, or other space and you want to take care of it yourself? Can you just use a regular fan to dry up the water? Will it be as effective but just take longer to do? We get these questions a lot from budget-conscious homeowners.

A common fan sits up off the floor, moving air differently than an air mover that a pro would use. This makes it far less effective mechanically. Additionally, a regular fan blows a pleasing stream of air meant to cool people and pets, whereas an air mover shoots a much higher-powered stream of air directly at the affected area with the purpose of drying it out as quickly as possible. The result is a much more effective solution! So, unfortunately, if you have water damage, a high-powered air mover is really the only kind of fan that will dry up the space quickly enough to mitigate mold growth. Now, you can buy these yourself, but keep in mind that restoration companies typically use a whole fleet of these fans to dry up a space, especially a larger space like a basement. And once you purchase, say, 5-10 of these it becomes a far less cost-effective solution. Instead, reach out to a local water restoration company to come clean up the damage. They will have the tools and labor needed to do the job correctly and quickly. Furthermore, they’re insured for the work that they do in case anything happens during the cleanup process. Do not simply try to use a regular fan to do the job, or you will waste critical time, often resulting in a much costlier clean up later when mold remediation is needed as well.

Simply put, if you want to save money on your water cleanup, the best thing you can do is get the water cleaned up immediately to prevent additional restoration services that can result when water sits.

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