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Average Cost of a Basement Flood Cleanup

The average cost to clean up a flooded basement is $5-10K, with the exact price depending on a variety of factors such as:

  • Square footage
  • Types of materials involved
  • Cause of the flood
  • Kind of damage
  • Whether mold is present

Obviously, bigger basements will be more costly to cleanup because there is just more space to work on with more materials to repair or replace. More premium materials may require special care to restore and will be more costly to replace as well. Then there’s the water itself – if the water was contaminated gray or black water, the cleanup will be more extensive. This is why floods from natural disasters or sewer backups are more costly to clean up than those that result from a leaking hot water tank or broken pipe. In cases where the flood has failed a failure of a home furnace or washer/dryer as well, the replacement cost of those items will certainly drive up the cost of the overall restoration. Additionally, the longer you wait to get the flood cleaned up, the more expensive it will likely be because sitting water can quickly cause mold growthMold remediation can be very costly because removing it needs to be done with considerable care to keep it from spreading further in your home and making your family sick. For more information on how much your home flood cleanup will cost, reach out to a local water restoration company.

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