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What does basement mold smell like?

Let's say you go down in your basement and you smell something funky. How do you know if that smell is mold or some other basement odor? Mold has a very distinct odor that you can pick out from other smells if you know what you're sniffing for.

Identifying the Smell of Mold

Mold smells earthy and damp like an earth worm or wet soil. Some basements normally smell kind of musty and damp, which can make detecting the odor of mold difficult. If this describes your basement, try using a dehumidifier down there to get some of the moisture out of the air. If the odor you're smelling persists, chances are that you may have basement mold present. Call a local mold remediation specialist to assess the situation and remove it right away!

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Looking for Signs of Mold

If you suspect that there may be mold in your home and your smell test is inconclusive, you can also look for mold. Checking along baseboards and inside of air ducts and in other areas for fuzzy green or gray patches, wet black spots or slimy orange or pink film is the best way to discover mold growth. Remember, mold is more likely to grow where there is stagnant air and damp conditions, so if you've ever had water damage that is the best place to begin your search. It's always best to prevent mold growth than treat it after, so even if you don't find mold as you're searching, you can identify areas that may need to be dried out and cleaned.

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